Notary Depot | About Notary Depot
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About Notary Depot

Our Mission Statement

Notary Depot is a premier firm in the Ottawa region providing notarial services to individuals and various institutions, including corporations, embassies and consulates as well as government. Our goal is provide affordable, efficient and customized services to all our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

Notary Depot, A Certified Notary Public for the Province of Ontario, is recognized by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (now known as Global Affairs), Consulates and Embassies.

We are qualified professionals. Our legal background and training as well as our personal and tailored approach to every situation enables us to provide the entire service to you giving you peace of mind. As government qualified Notaries Public we personally notarize your documents.


Notary Depot has notarized thousands of documents that have been recognized and authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and legalized by Embassies and Consulates in Ottawa for use abroad. We also complete the service of authentication and legalization for our national and international clients.

Reputation of Excellence and Client Satisfaction

In 2010, Notary Depot opened its doors and the skills acquired are now directed towards assisting clients with specific requirements for their documents to be recognized in Canada and abroad. The company has always maintained a commitment to provide superior services to its clients and the community. This commitment continues to be the priority and the pledge to you.

Client Checklist

In order for Notary Depot to be able to offer you the most efficient service at the specified fees we ask that you:


  • Make an appointment with our office and arrive on time. Same day appointments are available.
  • For certified copies of documents, you must bring the original documents and the photocopies you want certified.
  • Bring one government issued photo identification or two government issued non-photo identification which displays your signature.
  • Complete all your documents prior to arriving at our office, except for signatures and dates.


** Always call for a quote if you need a document drafted or more than a simple signature.
**Note: Any quoted prices do not include incidental charges and H.S.T.

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