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Our Services

Notarization and Certified True Copies of Documents

  • Notarization of all documents for domestic or international use
  • Certified true copies of documents


Notary Depot will notarize your document or provide certified true copies of your original documents.  Notarizing international documents can help you with international business activities, immigration, study abroad, secure loans, and much more.  The purpose of having original documents certified as true copies is to avoid parting with important or irreplaceable documents.


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Commission of Oaths by a Commissioner of Oaths

Commission of Oaths
Witnessing the swearing of oaths or making of a solemn affirmation for an affidavit for any legal matter


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Witnessing a Signature

Witnessing the signing of any agreement.


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Affidavits, Solemn and Statutory Declarations, and Letters

Statutory Declarations Confirming Identity
Statutory Declaration of Marital Status or Common-Law union
Statutory Declaration re: Ownership of Property
Any Other Statutory Declaration Required by Law
Letters of Invitation (in support of a visitor’s visa to Canada)
Affidavits to transfer ownership of vehicles
Affidavits for professional accreditation
Affidavits for insurance claims
Any Other Affidavit Required by Law
Any Solemn Declarations you wish to make


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Authentication and Leglization Services (Apostille Canada)

Notary Depot will handle the notarization, authentication and legalization process for you. The process is a complicated bureaucratic process, involving different governments, one Canadian and one foreign. Each embassy or consulate of the foreign country where you intend to use the document has rules that must be followed for the document to be accepted as proper documentation in that particular country.


The rules vary from country to country. It is important to ensure that the country will accept the Canadian authentication and legalization process. Sometimes they will require a regular notary stamp, and sometimes also a certificate from the relevant consulate authenticating all the previous documents.


  • Authentication and Legalization Services, the Canadian equivalent of the apostille certificate.


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